Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ifa's wisdom

In this age, with the many global concerns and personal obstacles, there is a tendency to feel trapped, helpless and victimized by unknowable forces, the wisdom of Ifa show how anyone, at any time, may claim freedom and peace in a spiritual universe. It is great to see that Ifa's wisdom is being shared in a way that is tangible and used in very practical terms. Too often African Spirituality is regulated to spells and potions. Ifa shows us that it's wisdom can stand firmly in our modern culture and support those who are looking to transform their lives. Reflections on the Wisdom of Ifa as they relate to human conditions and experiences in life provides a different approach, perspective, and understanding to Ifa tradition--quite different from the narrowed view on ebos alone.

The Original Major Odu Ifa . Ile Ife An account of the philosophy and theology of the Yoruba Traditional Culture, Odu Ifa Yoruba philosophy and religious ethics. Click Here for Volume 2

Practitioner's Handbook for the IFA Professional  purpose is to offer enough information to those Awo's who may not have access to a local teacher of Ifa. At least you can work with confidence until you can hook up with the correct Oluwo-Ifa. Please be respectful of the Warnings! when it says it requires a person with the proper Ase. It MEANS an initiatated Priest who has gone through Itefa not an orisa priest or non initiate. Lots and lots of excellent material. May Iya continue her great contributions. Ogbo ato. Ifa agbe e.

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